Introducing: Office of Sponsored Proposals and Awards

A message from the Vice President for Research and Economic Development,

URSA’s offices of sponsored programs (OSP) and research financial services (RFS) have combined their expertise into one new department. Now your resource for sponsored research has a new name – Office of Sponsored Proposals and Awards (OSPA).

OSPA will offer Georgia State University an enhanced organizational structure that will partner with the research community today; support the university’s mission to become a top 200 U.S. research university by June 2016; and give us an institutional edge to continue our record-breaking research milestones each year.

The decision to restructure these two departments came after an extensive evaluation period based on your valuable feedback.

Ken Packman, J.D., who joined Georgia State last month will lead the new office. The department will be managed by four associate directors: current associate director, Michael Mathisen; a new director who will join the group in September; and two URSA staff members recently promoted to the position, Jill Borland and Valerie Baldwin. This new OSPA team will provide the Georgia State research community with:
Sponsor-specific expertise focused on proposal submission and award management

Collaborative environment reducing process steps and expediting all tasks, especially award set-up and management

Concentrated management and mentoring of all research administration staff enhancing delivery of professional services
This is the first phase in the process of restructuring sponsored programs management. URSA will provide more details regarding the new department structure and specific contact information soon.

In addition, please watch for the implementation of new tools including iRIS, Cayuse and other research dashboard and collaboration programs. We will provide more details about each of these services in the coming weeks.

Best regards,

James A. Weyhenmeyer, Ph.D.
Vice President for Research and Economic Development