OSPA Team Reorganization to Benefit Research Community

Beginning Feb. 5, 2014, proposals, awards and contracts will be handled by sponsor-specific teams in OSPA. This reorganization will sharply focus knowledge of sponsor proposal and administrative requirements and increase our collaborative efforts in meeting those requirements. 

Immediate process changes will include:

• Each award will be set up by one team member entering all proposal and financial information in Spectrum and acting as the sole central office contact. The award will be set up and administered from beginning to end by the team that submitted the proposal.
• OSPA team members will meet regularly with their campus counterparts to create workflow calendars for pending proposals and to collaboratively develop those proposals.
• Each OSPA associate director will be available as a primary contact for all award and proposal concerns involving the sponsors over which their team has jurisdiction.

Click here to see image showing OSPA’s new team structure

Although the team structure is changing, the basic interface between campus and OSPA will remain the same. Proposals will continue to be submitted through the OSPA proposal email box and administrative requests will use the current processes, which include optional use of the Research Portal until Feb. 5, at which time the portal will be the primary access point for those requests.

OSPA understands that the change will present some confusion and will work to make the transition smooth. OSPA staff will route new requests to the proper team when necessary. The department will ensure that current requests are completed by the officer with responsibility for the area at the time of the request.

OSPA is working to reschedule the Jan. 28 Research Information Session that was canceled due to inclement weather. A communication will be distributed as soon as a new date and time has been finalized. During the session, OSPA will address any questions from the research community regarding OSPA’s team reorganization and share Research Portal and Cayuse updates.