Using Chematix- Chemical Inventory, Tracking, and Waste Pick-up

In 2007, Georgia State University began using a chemical inventory and tracking program. This program is based on a web based software package called Chematix. This on-line software program allows faculty to access any and all of the functions of the program from anywhere one has web connectivity. The chemical inventory and tracking is accomplished by utilizing barcodes to inventory all chemicals in a laboratory. Each chemical container in a laboratory will have a barcode affixed by a representative from the Office of Research and Environmental Safety.

Chematix is primarily a chemical inventory and tracking software; however, it also provides many other valuable resources and tools for your laboratory to help you:

  • Order chemicals from VWR, Sigma, and Fisher at the negotiated University rate
  • Reconcile your chemical inventory
  • Request biannual “Right to Know” (RTK) inventories via Chematix
  • Transfer chemicals between multiple lab spaces
  • Print barcode labels for chemical containers
  • Keep track of and notify the faculty or laboratory staff of the required annual hazardous waste training
  • Search through chemical inventories of the Campus Surplus Chemical Library. This ability is beneficial if you are running preliminary experiments or when one runs out of a chemical and might be able to obtain some at no charge from a University colleague

If you need assistance with Chematix, please email for assistance.

If you are a new professor to GSU and need a Chematix account set up for your lab, please use the Initial Laboratory Setup Request form.

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All requests for chemical waste pickup and disposal must be submitted through Chematix. You must take the GSU HAZARDOUS WASTE TRAINING to gain access to Chematix! Please specify that you need access to Chematix when you fill out the Training Request Form. If you have already taken the training, but still don’t have access, email Follow the steps listed below to request a pickup:

  1. Log into Chematix using your campus ID and password.
  2. Click on the WASTE tab and find the link for CREATE A WASTE CARD. NOTE: You must include a printed waste card with your chemicals in order for someone to remove them from your lab. Once on the CREATE A WASTE CARD page, you will see your waste card hotlist which allows you to quickly access any waste cards that your lab most commonly uses. If you would like to create a new waste card scroll to the bottom of the page and select the type of hazardous materials you are disposing off. Generally, most labs use the CHEMICAL MIXTURE BY PERCENTAGE, CHEMICAL MIXTURE BY QUANTITY, or PURE CHEMICAL IN INDIVIDUAL CONTAINER, but choose whichever option best suits your needs.
  3. Complete the waste card form with the applicable information (i.e. chemical name, barcode, quantity, etc.). Add more rows for more chemicals, if necessary. If you want to save the waste card for future use, save it by naming the waste card and clicking on the SAVE TO HOTLIST button. Once completed, click GENERATE WASTE CARD then PRINT WASTE CARD. Tape the printed waste card label to the associated waste container.
  4. To submit a waste card or multiple waste cards for pickup, click on the WASTE tab at the top of the page and find the link for CREATE PICKUP WORKSHEET. Select your lab location in the dropdown menu and the waste cards you have submitted will appear. Check the box next to waste cards you would like to add to the pickup worksheet and click SAVE & SUBMIT FOR PICKUP. In the event that Chematix is not working, please submit your pick up request by email to with lab location, how many waste containers need to be picked up, and what kinds of new waste containers you’ll need. Also, be sure to fill out the Hazardous Waste Label with the contents of the waste and the Chematix label number.

Chemical waste from research labs is picked up on Thursday and Friday of each week. All waste pick up requests submitted after 3pm on Wednesday will be deferred to the following week. Chemical waste from teaching labs is picked up within 3 business days of request.