Renewal Assistance

General Guidelines for the Renewal Application:

To help researchers with the renewal process, step-by-step guides on creating and submitting a renewal are available under the HELP menu in iRIS.

When to close:

If all research and data analysis are complete, a study closure can be requested. Any time human subjects’ data are being analyzed, there must be an approved IRB protocol. Even for a study closure, the entire form must be completed because this will serve as a final report for the study. For more assistance see the step-by-step instructions on Submitting the Study Closure.

Consent Form:

If enrollment is ongoing, a consent form must be uploaded to the application. It should be in document format (.doc OR .docx) and not have the previous approval stamp on it.


Renewals are not required to be sent through the PI and the department chair, but this option is made available to those who wish to use it.