What’s Different in iRIS


iRIS introduces the idea of branching. Based on how you answer the questions in your applications, you will be automatically routed to the appropriate section. No longer will you have to answer questions that are not related to your study.

Additional Questions

There are more detailed questions within iRIS. For example, in iRIS for vulnerable populations you were asked how you will protect the welfare and rights of all populations. Now, you are asked population specific questions. [(i.e. How will you protect the rights and welfare of children rather than how will you protect the rights and welfare of the vulnerable population(s)].

The international section is now divided into individual questions rather than the question and one text field.

The question that asked about other IRBs is now three questions, but the response will only pull into the first question.

The “no interaction” question is there even if it wasn’t selected.

Duplicate Answers

The vulnerable populations question is now population specific. However, there was no way to read the text and programmatically move the answer to the correct text field. Therefore, the answer will be imported to each section regardless of vulnerable population choices.

Because the International questions are now in separate text fields, the answer will appear in each text field resulting in duplicate answers.

Section and Question Numbering

Because of branching, sections and questions are numbered based on how you answer your questions. So question 6.3 might be one question for you and completely different for another researcher. So remember, when contacting the IRB Office for assistance with a question remember to include the section name, not just the question number.

Items that did not move into iRIS

  • The question concerning special certifications required of research staff on a protocol did not move over from IRBWise to iRIS.
  • The Yes/No response did not move over on the question related to targeting specific ethnic, gender, social groups but the justification statement did.
  • The total subjects per year did move come over and will display either blank or a 0.00.
  • Radiation information did not move over but will be input manually.
  • Funding information did not move over.
  • Research locations did not move over.
  • The key words did not move over.
  • Study summary did not move over.

Those studies that were created in IRBWise, but not submitted, did not move over. We are in the process of moving them over manually, if you need your submission moved over immediately please fill out our electronic form.