IACUC Members

Faculty members

Christopher Ingalls, Chair, Dept. of Kinesiology & Health, Education & Human Development
Charles Menzel, Vice Chair, Language Research Center
Richard Plemper, Vice Chair, Institute for Biomedical Sciences
Roberta Attanasio, Dept. of Biology, Arts & Sciences
Tim Denning, Institute for Biomedical Sciences
Michael Hart, Veterinarian, DAR
Sang-Moo Kang, Institute for Biomedical Sciences
Cindi Roberts, Non-affiliated Member
Aaron Roseberry, Dept. of Biology, Arts & Sciences
Kay Lee Summerville, Non-affiliated Member
Liang-Ching Tsai, Nursing/Physical Therapy
Bingzhong Xue, Dept. of Biology, Arts & Sciences
Liqing “Justin” Yu, Center for Molecular & Translational Medicine


Amelia Wilkes, Veterinarian, DAR

Ex officio without vote

Betsy Butler, Biosafety Officer Senior
Brenda Chapman, Associate Vice President for Research Integrity
Margaret “Casey” Kilcullen-Steiner, Assistant Director, IACUC
Jim Weyhenmeyer, Vice President for Research & Economic Development

Invited to attend: Dean Blake, Associate Director, DAR

Committee meets the fourth Friday of each month at 11 am,
except in November and December meetings will be held on the third Friday.