Laboratory Safety Committee

Georgia State University supports the pursuit of research and academic excellence while promoting safety awareness in the labs. The Laboratory Safety Committee (LSC) at GSU provides guidance and administrative oversight of environmental health and safety procedures in the academic research and teaching laboratories. The LSC develops policies and guidelines to assist in addressing hazard identification, accident prevention, and security in the laboratory to ensure the safety and welfare of all lab personnel. These policies and procedures can be found in the Laboratory Safety Manual-Revised February 13 2015.

Committee Members

Name Department
Markus Germann
Laura Carruth Neuroscience
Dan Deocampo Geosciences
Nikolaus Dietz Physics and Astronomy
Donald Edwards Neurosciences
Jennifer McWhorter Fire Safety
Abdul Momen Facilities
George Pierce Biology
Stephen Rosner Education – Dean’s Office
Kyla Ross Biology
Pedro Vasquez Chemistry
Richard Muller
Ex officio member with vote