Alexander, Rita Research Financial Officer
Bailey, Laurence Lee Intermediate Analyst Programmer
Baldwin, Rose Senior Administrative Coordinator , ,
Barrow, Christopher Cage Wash Technician
Begum, Monni Senior Biosafety Specialist
Behnzukeh, Benetta Staff Assistant
Berhane, Milan Assistant to the Vice President for Research and Economic Development ,
Billingsley, Courtnye Animal Healthcare Technician
Bisbee, Chester Associate VP and Director, Office of Technology Licensing and Commercialization ,
Blake, Dean Associate Director for Division of Animal Resources
Bonner, Curtis Senior Research Financial Officer
Borland, Jill Associate Director of Sponsored Programs
Brennaman, Gary GSURF Business Manager
Brinsfield, Casey IACUC/Biosafety Committee Officer
Brown, Latoya Sr. Associate Institutional Officer
Bryant, Kimberly Laboratory Animal Technician I
Burnett, Tony Associate Institutional Officer
Burrell, Keith Research Financial Officer
Bynes, Robert Animal Caretaker
Byrd, Kalah Lab Animal Technician I
Cambridge, Angela Staff Assistant for URSA
Chapman, Brenda Associate Vice President ,
Chen, Long Intermediate Application Developer
Chizuko-Robinson, Frances Web Developer Intermediate
Conner, Leonard Senior Research Financial Specialist
Craig, Dejah J’Vonne Lab Animal Tech I
Benboe, Daniel Laboratory Animal Technician I
Davis, Matthew Associate to the Director
Davis, Brock IT Solutions Architect
Davis-Greenway, Tonia Business Systems Analyst, Senior
Dean, Chantana Staff Assistant
Deaton, Teresa Lab Animal Tech I
Eastwood, Ryan Cost Analyst
Faroux, Gregori Director of Research Solutions
Fedorov, Julia Laboratory Animal Technician
Ferguson, Candice Assistant Director, Research Training & Education , ,
Filfili, Chadi Associate Director, High Containment Laboratories
Gilstrap, Kay Grants & Contracts Officer III ,
Grayer, Sarguetta Research Financial Specialist, Senior
Hamm, Jessica Lab Animal Tech I
Hart, Michael Director and University Veterinarian
Hibbler, Cheryl Senior Administrative Coordinator
Holloway, Jared Lab Animal Tech I
Houston, June Human Resources Administrative Coordinator
Howell, Greg Associate Director
Hutto, Evan Animal Facilities Supervisor
Hysell, Paul Hazardous Materials Specialist Senior
Istas, Jolene Business Manager III
Jin, Chengliu Director, Transgenic and Gene Targeting Core
Johnson, Stephen Senior Chemical Safety Specialist
Jones, Cameron Lab Animal Technician I for Language Research Center Facility
Kelley, John Assistant Director, Division of Animal Resources
Kertesz, Izaura Sponsored Program Specialist
Kilcullen-Steiner, Margaret “Casey” Assistant Director of IACUC
Laury, Susan P/T Associate Director of Human Research Protection
Liu, Qian Laboratory Technician for Transgenic & Gene Targeting Core
Mathisen, Michael Associate Director
Matkins, Margaret Associate Director
McCann, Michael “Tim” CollabTech Manager
McLeod, Joseph Managing Institutional Officer
McNeill, Deonne IRB Compliance Specialist
Lawrence Mkondya Senior Sponsored Programs Officer
Morrison, Michael Animal Facility Supervisor
Mullen, Brian Associate Director, Public Relations & Communications ,
Muller, Patrese Lab Animal Tech III
Murphy, Tulani Senior Institutional Officer Senior
O’Malley, Patricia Research Financial Specialist Sr.
Osekre, Tijani Cage Wash Technician
Otano, Tania Laboratory Animal Tech I
Otwell, Brandon Facilities Use Coordinator
Packman, Ken Director ,
Parker, Rick Director, Research Facilities & Infrastructure ,
Petkov, Plamen Laboratory Animal Technician I
Pfeifer, Glenn Assistant Director for OSPA
Poh, Rob URSA Senior Technologist and CBN IT Director
Rice, Daniel Animal Caretaker
Sanchez, Anthony Director of Research & Environmental Safety Programs
Sanders, Reginald Research Safety Specialist, Senior
Scott, Joi Laboratory Animal Technician
Scullin, Donna Administrative Coordinator, Senior
Simmons, Jamar Chemical Safety Officer
Singh, Teja Senior Research Financial Officer
Stout, Kelly Associate Director, Special Research Initiatives ,
Teal, John Senior Sponsored Programs Specialist
Tekeste, Belay Grants and Contracts Officer lll
Thompson, Katherine Laboratory Animal Technician
Tillman, Marcus Business Manager II
Tinson, Quintena Radiation Safety Officer
Titus-Scotland, Ancilla Laboratory Animal Tech
Vacant Senior Research Financial Specialist
Vogtner, Susan Senior IRB Compliance Officer
Waddell, Joi Business Manager I
Wai Sindad, Yi Kai IRB Compliance Specialist, Senior
Walters, Michael Analyst Programmer Intermediate
Weyhenmeyer, James Vice President for Research and Economic Development
White, Shelia Director of Human Research Protection Program
Wilkes, Amelia Clinical Laboratory Animal Veterinarian
Winfrey, Robert Laboratory Animal Technician