Radiation Protection Committee (RPC)

Georgia State University is licensed to possess certain radioactive materials by the State of Georgia. The Radiation Protection Committee is charged with the task of advising the President of the University on matters related to the use of these materials on GSU’s campus. The committee reviews all applications for radioactivity-producing machines and substances and has the authority to enforce all safety guidelines set forth by the Radiation Safety Program.

Radiation Safety Manual is written for the purpose of administering these standards at Georgia State University provides more detailed information on the Radiation Safety Program.

Documents for submitting protocols can be found HERE.

Committee Members:

Name Affiliation
Dan Benardot
Nutrition & Dietetics
Daniel Deocampo Geosciences
Zehava Eichenbaum Biology
Chip Hill Assistant Provost/VP Academic Affairs
Mary Karmon Neuroscience Laboratory Supervisor
John Lovelace Community Member
Murad Sarsour Physics and Astronomy
Jun Yin Chemistry
Quintena Tinson, Radiation Safety Officer ORI
Anthony Sanchez, Director Research Safety Programs
Ex officio member without vote