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Posted on 7/3/2014

Research Portal Maintenance

The Research Portal (Grants & Reporting, MMPVAE, OSPA, Lab Assessment, and Internal Grants) will be down for maintenance on Sunday July 6th.  We will be adding additional reporting features, more robust workflow capabilities, and many more features.  Be sure to check back here for the latest updates on Monday.  Should you need immediate access to the portal during the scheduled down time please contact Brock Davis at

Posted on 4/18/2014

Search by Sponsor

Per request from our GSU community we have added the ability to search by Sponsor.  You can now search by Sponsor and view the total awarded to Georgia State University by this sponsor.



Total by Sponsor Type:

You can now view break down of the total awarded to Georgia State University by sponsor type (i.e. Industry Flow Through).  You can also view the project details and see how each project is funded by sponsor type and how much.





More Details for Researcher into their Projects:

Researchers can now view additional details for their projects such as their project start and end date.



Posted on 3/31/2014

Updated URLs

We received multiple requests to improve the login process to the portal.  Previously you had to input your e-mail address at the Microsoft Login screen and then you were redirected to the GSU Login screen.  This is no longer the case.  Below is a list of the URLs and their purpose.  You may need to clear your browsing history for the changes to take effect.


New Charts

Based on your feedback and the needs of the University we have added several charts and are continuing to add them.  The most recent one is the Current Project Budget charts.  This allows the logged in user to view their current projects for the current fiscal year.  It shows the budget allotted to the project, how much has been spent, encumbrance, and the amount left.

We have also added Total by Department which shows the past two and current fiscal year for each department in each college.  This can allow Deans to track trends and progress of their colleges and each department

We also improved the total by college making it easier to read and understand when comparing each college and each fiscal year.



New and Updated OSPA forms

We recently added the GRFP Approval form in addition we have added comment sections to each submission form to allow a submitter to further explain their submission.  This should allow for faster processing of each submission and eliminate the need for additional communication between the college and OSPA on many items.

If you find that a form you use often is not in the portal, please be sure to request it by completing a feedback form located in the Research Portal


Improved Notifications

We have made many changes to the notifications that come from the Research Portal.  Now the links in the OSPA notifications bring you directly to the GSU login screen and then directly into the item the e-mail referenced.  In addition, we have added the Speedtype to each e-mail allowing for easier identification of each item when you are notified.  This should eliminate confusion on some projects that may have similar names and the same Principal Investigator.

Submitters and Principal Investigators are now automatically notified when an OSPA submission has been marked complete by an OSPA staff member.

If you have anything that you would like to have added to the notification e-mails, please complete a feedback form.


What is next?

The entire purpose behind the Research Portal is to make the lives of researchers and research administrators much easier.  Below you will find a list of items and features we will be adding/modifying in the Research Portal over the next month.

  • Total Awarded per Principal Investigator: One of the next charts we will be adding is one that shows the current fiscal year as well as the past two of total awarded per Principal Investigator.  This will be accessible by going to  It will load automatically based on the user logged in.
  • Total Awarded per Sponsor: Similar to the total per Principal Investigator, we will implement reports that show total awarded per Sponsor.  This will be a searchable list so you may retrieve data for any sponsor that is associated with a grant in the current or past two fiscal years.
  • Improved Dashboard: We will be improving the Research Portal home page.  It will list all of your tasks for OSPA, MMPVAE, Internal Grants, and any other task assigned to you in the portal in one place.  You will also be able to find important award data for your college, department, and yourself based on who is logged in.
  • Online Collaborative Space: Many users struggle with storage and being able to easily and securely collaborate with other researchers on campus and abroad.  We will be implementing an online collaborative space that researchers can request for any project.  This collaborative space is secure and documents can be shared with anyone as long as they have a valid e-mail address.  Users can also collaborate on a document in real-time.
  • Cayuse424 Approval Routing: We are planning to route Cayuse424 proposals through the Research Portal.  This will act in the same way as OSPA submissions, notifying each user on the approval chain that they must either approve or reject a submission.

Want to suggest something to add to the Research Portal?  Complete a feedback form and we will respond with a projected timeline as soon as possible.