What is it?

Research PortalThe Research Portal is a one-stop shop for all things research from monitoring grant and award data to submitting rebudget requests to the Office of Sponsored Proposals and Awards (OSPA). The research portal will allow you to access everything you need to manage your grants and awards.
To access the Research Portal go to https://researchportal.gsu.edu/ and use your CampusID and password to log in. For additional benefits and how-to guides please see the Help Section.

Special Announcement

Research Portal live for award management requests
The OSPA Research Portal is now fully available. Please use it for the submission of all award management requests to OSPA.

Research Portal Road Map

Below you will find the tentative road map for the research portal. This list the dates in which features are slated to be added to the portal. For more information contact Brock Davis.

  • March 31: High level view of budget information per award and project will be accessible in the Research Portal.
  • April 14: Self Service module will be implemented allowing researchers to request an online collaboration space for secure document sharing, basic approval workflows and other tools to assist in collaborative research.
  • April 28: Cayuse424 approval routing will be done via the Research Portal.

HELP for the Research Portal