Chemical Safety

In accordance with federal and local regulations, the Office of Research and Environmental Safety has established a Chemical Safety program to set safety standards for waste handling and disposal, waste minimization, training, and laboratory safety. All laboratories on GSU’s campus are expected to adhere to these safety standards to ensure proper use and storage of chemicals and the welfare of laboratory personnel.

For questions, comments, and concerns regarding training, waste pickups, or other chemical safety concerns, please contact our office using our hotline at (404) 413-3540 or email at If you would like to anonymously report a compliance issue, please feel free to use this form.

You can also contact our staff directly:

Mike Thompson
Assistant Director, Office of Research Safety
Phone: (404) 413-3551
Adam Fischer
Chemical Safety Specialist
Phone: (404) 413-3546
Jamar Simmons
Chemical Safety Specialist
Phone: (404) 413-3535
Sydney Swain
Research Safety Specialist
Phone: (404) 413-3565


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How to handle chemical spills in the lab


You must attend the Hazardous Waste training class or complete the online Hazardous Waste and Lab Safety training session before you can gain access to Chematix. Click here to sign up. If you have questions, contact our office at or (404)413-3540.

Check out our Chematix page for instructions. Please keep in mind that waste pick-ups occur every Thursday and Friday for research labs and within 72 hours of a pick-up request for teaching labs. We only take waste containers that are full and properly labeled.

We do not take biological or radiological waste. Please contact our office at (404)413-3540 for assistance with biological and radiological waste.

Chematix login information is the same as your campus ID and password that you use for other GSU online services. If you prefer to have your Chematix password different from your campus ID-associated password, you can change your Chematix password by logging into Chematix and clicking on the RESOURCES tab on the top of the page. There is a CHANGE MY PASSWORD link that you can click on and you’ll be taken through the steps to change your Chematix password.
To change your campus ID password, please refer to IS&T’s instructions.

Yes. Many materials that are used in the Art Department (paint, glaze, photo processing chemicals, etc.) are considered hazardous and must be disposed of accordingly. Because of this, Art Department Personnel must gain access to Chematix to manage their chemical inventory and waste disposal. Visit our Compliance and Safety Training page for more information.
Additional Resources
If you require the use of a barcode scanner to perform an inventory or for other purposes within your laboratory, please fill out the Barcode Scanner Loan Request Form.