Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC)

IBC documents

Resgistration of Experiments Involving rDNA Form 
Biohazardous Research Protocol Registration Form 
IBC Protocol Amendment Application 

2012-2013 Committee Members

Name/Position Affiliation
Dr. Richard Dix
IBC Chair
Dept. of Biology
Dr. Charlie Benson Dept. of Biology
Dr. Zehava Eichenbaum Dept. of Biology
Mr. Robert Finton Fulton County Dept. of Health, Community Member
Dr. Markus Germann Dept. of Chemistry
Dr. Susanna Greer Dept. of Biology
Mr. James Miller Community Member
Mr. Jeffery Sheppard CDC, Community Member
Dr. Brianna Skinner CDC, Community Member
Dr. Christine Stauber Institute of Public Health
Dr. Bethany Turner Anthropology
Dr. Allison Williams CDC, Community Member
Mr. Richard Muller
Ex officio member with vote
Senior Biosafety Officer, CBSP
Ms. Margaret Kilcullen-Steiner
Ex officio member without vote
Assistant Director, IACUC