What Is It?

In 2007 Georgia State University began a chemical inventory and tracking program. This program is based on a web based software package called Chematix. This on-line software program allows faculty to access any and all of the functions of the program from anywhere one has web connectivity. The chemical inventory and tracking is accomplished by utilizing barcodes to inventory all chemicals in a laboratory. Each chemical container in a laboratory will have a barcode affixed by a representative from the Office of Research and Environmental Safety.

Chemical Waste Pickup

All requests for chemical waste pickup and disposal must be submitted through chematix. Access to chematix is granted following an initial training, usually held every second Wednesday of the month. See the laboratory safety training schedule page for specific dates and the training registration form.

Laboratory Safety Training Schedule 

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Inventory Process

To allow for a complete inventory of all of GSU laboratories, the Office of Research and Environmental Safety has trained representatives who will come to a laboratory to inventory and barcode the chemicals in that specific area. As part of this process, a barcode is placed on each container and the staff inputs the container’s information into the tracking system. This process for each laboratory may take from 2 to 7 working days to accomplish. Time will be scheduled with the Primary Investigator (PI) or the laboratory manager that is convenient for the laboratory staff. Once the inventory process in a laboratory is begun, it normally requires the environmental staff to work in a laboratory daily until the inventory is completed.

What Else Does It Do?

Chematix is primarily a chemical inventory and tracking software; however, it also provides a laboratory with many other valuable resources and tools. Chematix has the ability to order chemicals from VWR, Sigma, and Fisher at the negotiated University rate. It will become the interface for hazardous waste pickup and supply requests. Biannual “Right to Know” (RTK) inventories are available through Chematix almost immediately upon request. Chematix keeps track of and notifies the faculty or staff of the required annual hazardous waste training when one logs into the system. Chematix also allows one to search the chemical inventories of the Campus Surplus Chemical Library. This ability is beneficial when one is running some preliminary experiments or when one runs out of a chemical and might be able to obtain some at no charge from a University colleague.