The compliance list serve was created to distribute information through email to all researchers. It is used to notify principal investigators of updates and other changes that could affect them. Only faculty should sign up for the list serve. If the PI of a project is a student then his or her advisor should sign up for the list serve.

How to sign up

  1. Sign in at If this is your first time accessing Listserv, click Get Password. Enter your email address, or other email account and the desired passcode, then click Register Password.
  2. Click Subscribers Corner.
  3. Enter list name in “Search for List” box (list name is: ResearchNewsNet).
  4. Change “Show Subscribed Lists Only” to “Show All Lists” and click Search.
  5. Check the box next to the list and in the drop-down menu below the list name, select Subscribe.
  6. Check the send email notification of change option.
  7. Click Submit.

This list serve will only be used to distribute information about research. It will not be given out to other institutions or companies.

Additional subscriber information is available at: