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The Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC) is a standing committee at Georgia State, whose composition and responsibilities are mandated by the Animal Welfare Act (Public Law 98-198).

All research at Georgia State that involves animal subjects must be reviewed and approved in accordance with federal law and university policy. Georgia State’s Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) is charged with overseeing compliance with these federal regulations.

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The IACUC Principal Investigator Responsibilities are now available under the External Resources section.

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee Files

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Animal Enrichment Plan

DAR guidelines for providing enrichment programs to maintain physiological and psychological well being for laboratory animals.

IACUC Guidelines
Major Minor Surgery Description Guide

Defines what constitutes major surgery and minor surgery on laboratory animals.

IACUC Reference
Surgical Procedures Description and Guidance

Detailed instructions of various animal surgeries are offered.

IACUC Reference
GSU IACUC Policy on Mouse Tumor Burden

Explains guidelines to evaluate the health and welfare of mice used with experimentally-induced solid tumors.

IACUC Policy/Procedure
IACUC SOP on Social Housing of Social Species

Explanation of GSU's policy on the social housing of social species.

IACUC Policy/Procedure
GSU IACUC Protocol for Animal Care and Use Application

Policies and procedures are outlined in the official application document for investigators who will use animals in research.

Animal Transportation Policy

Policy explains how IACUC allows animals to be transported between facilities and the handling of cages.

IACUC Policy/Procedure
Carbon Dioxide Euthanasia Policy

Policy explains the accepted use of carbon dioxide as a means of euthanasia.

IACUC Policy/Procedure
How to Enroll in and Use the AALAS Learning Library

Provides instructions on how to enroll in the American Association of Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS) Learning Library.

IACUC Reference
Non-Surgical Procedures Description and Guidance

Step-by-step instructions on non-surgical procedures such as blood collection, injections, gavage and lavage.

IACUC Reference
Personnel Amendment Form

This document is required to add investigators or remove any personnel no longer working on the protocol.

IACUC Protocol Amendment

This document is required to amend an approved IACUC protocol.

IACUC Frequently Asked Questions

This document provides a summary of IACUC protocols, meetings and forms in a question and answer format.

IACUC Reference
Expired Drug Policy

This documents explains the circumstances under which expired drugs and materials may or may not be used.

IACUC Policy/Procedure
Aseptic Technique for Animal Surgery

This documents explains the expected aseptic techniques for animal surgeries.

IACUC Reference
IACUC Cancellation or Continuation Form.doc

This form is required to request a continuation or cancellation of an animal protocol.

GSU IACUC Collaboration Form

This form is required when a GSU investigator is involved in collaborative research that will be completed at another institution.

Polyclonal Antibody Production Service Request Form

This form is the application and justification for the request for the production of polyclonal antibodies.

IACUC Approved Animal Housing Areas

This is a list of the approved animal housing areas available to GSU investigators.

IACUC Reference
IACUC Policies and Procedures Manual

This manual reviews the IACUC mandate of ensuring that all animals in experimental research are used appropriately and treated with the highest standards of humane care.

IACUC Manual
File Title File URL Description Department Type
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