Requirements for Working with Animals

Who needs to submit an IACUC application?

If you will conduct research on live vertebrate animals, whether for research, instruction, production (breeding), health surveillance, field studies or on tissues collected from live animals (this does not pertain to animal tissue purchased “off the shelf” from a vendor), you must first submit an IACUC application for approval. All research conducted by Georgia State University faculty, students, and staff which uses animal subjects, regardless of the source of funding or even when no funds are involved, must have prior approval from the Georgia State IACUC.


To find out what training is required, please see the Required Education Document. You must complete the required online AALAS Learning Library training. If you are a first-time user of the AALAS Learning Library, you will need to enroll. View the “How to enroll in and use the AALAS Learning Library” document to learn more. Contact the IACUC Office at if you need further assistance to determine which modules you need to complete.

Animal use protocol


BEFORE animals can be ordered or used, you must complete an Animal Use Protocol Application and receive approval from IACUC.
New protocol applications, collaborations, annual renewalsprotocol amendments, and personnel amendments may be made using the appropriate Word documents and submitting it to the IACUC by email.

All protocol applications and amendments must be submitted by the first business day of the month to be considered at the monthly IACUC meeting (see calendar).

If you have further questions, please contact the IACUC Office at or refer to our IACUC Frequently Asked Questions.

Facility access

After your protocol is approved and you have completed the required training contact Matthew Davis for access to facilities containing animals.