Radiation Safety

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Radiation Safety Hotline (404) 413-3510

If someone cannot be reached at this number, please review our Emergency Phone Numbers.

Radiation Safety Overview

Georgia State University is licensed to possess certain radioactive materials by the state of Georgia . The laws require that certain “Standards for Protection Against Radiation” as set forth in Georgia Department of Natural Resources “Rules and Regulations for Radioactive Materials,” Chapter 391-3-17, must be enforced by persons holding such licenses. It is also required that all individuals working or frequenting areas where radioactive materials are stored or used shall be informed of the Basic Right-To-Know information that is stated “The State Notice To Employees Sign”. Further, users of X-ray and radiation producing machines are required by state law to comply with the “Rules and Regulations for X-ray,” Chapter 290-5-22.

The success of the Radiation Safety Program results from the cooperative efforts between the Radiation Protection Committee (RPC), the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO), Principal Investigators (PI), and laboratory staff.

The Radiation Safety & Regulatory Compliance Manual is written for the purpose of administering these standards at Georgia State University provides more detailed information on the Radiation Safety Program.



If you are conducting research with radiation or will be entering laboratories that store and/or conduct research with radiation-producing material (radioisotope or radiation-producing equipment), you are required to attend an Initial Radiation Training course and renew your training annually with the Radiation Refresher Training course. Visit the Training Schedule to view when and where the next training will be held and to submit the training request form.


Radiation Equipment Services

Research and Environmental Safety offers services and equipment rental for laboratory use. This includes but not limited to Geiger counter calibration, battery replacement, and loan of barcode scanners, radiation sources, and laboratory equipment and tools previously used with radioisotopes. Visit our Laboratory Equipment Services page for more information.


Waste Procedures

Radioactive Liquid Waste Procedures

Radioactive Solid Waste Procedures

Radioactive Waste Pickup Request


Compliance Materials

Radiation Safety & Regulatory Compliance Manual

Responsibilities of the PI and Radiation Worker

Occupational Radiation Exposure Limits

Exposure Limits Specifically for H-3

Radioactive Materials Security


Obtaining Authorization to Order, Possess, and Use Radioactive Materials

Procurement of Radioactive Materials

Principal Investigator Permit Application Procedure

Dosimeter Badge Procedure

Termination of Laboratory Operations (Close-Outs)

General Rules and Procedures for Use of Radioactive Materials at Georgia State 

Rules for Specific Isotopes (S-35, P-32 & H-3)