Radiation Safety Procedures

Principal Investigator Permit Application Procedure

  1. Attend the Initial 2-Hour Radiation Safety Training, MANDATORY for the PI and all isotope workers.
  2. Fill out and submit an Isotope Permit Application-Form A
  3. Fill out and submit a Radiation Protection Protocol Form for each isotope you wish to work with.
  4. Submit all forms to radiationprotection@gsu.edu

Dosimeter Badge Procedure

  1. Attend the initial 2-Hour Radiation Safety Training course
  2. Fill out the Personnel Dosimetry Form
  3. Return the form to Radiation Safety, PO Box 3099
  4. Your information will be given to the badge vendor
  5. Within 2 weeks a badge should be delivered to your laboratory
  6. Wear your badge every time you work with isotopes
  7. Store the badge on the badge rack in the laboratory when not in use