Annual Laboratory Assessment

The Research Safety Department is committed to a collaborative, proactive laboratory safety program at GSU. A comprehensive, 90 point laboratory inspection checklist has been created and posted on the web site for investigators and laboratory personnel to use in safety and quality improvement efforts. The checklist provides a scoring system to rank the laboratory’s compliance.

From the checklist, an inspection report is generated that details any findings. The report seeks the feedback from the investigator in the form of corrective actions to be made in response to findings. The reports will be provided in summary form to the Laboratory Safety Committee, Institutional Biosafety Committee and Radiation Protection Committee. The reports will be made available to department chairs for use in proactive quality improvement efforts.

The goal is to complete pilot inspections during June and roll out the program in Fiscal Year 2013. Research Safety Specialists conducted pilot inspections of four laboratories June 4 and 5. An additional inspection was conducted June 6 in response to a compliance report. The pilot inspection reports are being finalized and will be presented at the scheduled committee meetings.

This proactive, collaborative approach to laboratory safety establishes Research Safety as a resource for investigators in operating safe facilities. Our goal is to conduct annual inspections of each investigator with an active research laboratory.


Annual Laboratory Assessment Checklist