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Richard J. Muller Jr.,Assistant Director, Research Safety Programs, Senior Biosafety Officer.
Jamar Simmons, Senior Chemical Safety Specialist.
Paul Hysell, Chemical Safety Specialist,Hazardous Materials Specialist.
Stephen Johnson, Chemical Safety Specialist.
Vacant, Biological Safety Specialist.
Quintena Tinson, Radiation Safety Specialist.



Richard J. Muller Jr.
Assistant Director, Research Safety Programs, Senior Biosafety Officer
Phone: 404-413-3510

Richard J. Muller Jr. is Georgia State University’s Assistant Director of Research Safety Programs. He is responsible for biosecurity and biosafety in Georgia State laboratories. His responsibilities include reviewing and assessing research proposals involving the use of biological material, daily laboratory operations and construction/renovation plans for all aspects of biosafety to assure appropriate health and safety controls, containment, and compliance with NIH, CDC, USDA and other federal, state, local, and University requirements. For more than two years, he worked for SRA International Inc. as a Laboratory Inspector for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Coordinating Office of Terrorism Preparedness and Emergency Response (COTPER) Division of Select Agents and Toxins (DSAT). During that time, he was responsible for reviewing biosafety manuals, facility reviews, risk assessments, security plans, chemical hygiene plans, emergency response plans, incident response plans, and access and inventory records of registered DSAT laboratories working with dangerous biologic agents. He inspected primary and secondary biocontainment of dangerous biologic agents of registered DSAT laboratories to determine regulatory compliance and to ensure that facilities were working properly with their registered select agents. He spent five years working for Chemtura Inc. During that time, he served as lead microbiologist for conducting Efficacy Tests and preparing reports for EPA Registered Label Claims of algicides, bactericides, and fungicides using Good Laboratory Practices (GLP). He directed microbial testing of Commercial Pools in the Greater Atlanta Area for a CDC sponsored grant. He tested Bromine Disinfection of fecal coliform in Combined Sewage Overflow (CSO) during actual CSO events at the Columbus Water Works CSO Advanced Demonstration Facility in Columbus, Ga. As a graduate student at Georgia State University, he preformed initial tests of a novel centrifugal bioreactor (CBR) in a research laboratory for Kinetic Biosystems Inc., A Division of BioPharma Inc. Pharmaceutical Company. He graduated from Georgia State University with a Masters of Science. He graduated from Kennesaw State University with a major in Chemistry.

Jamar Simmons
Senior Chemical Safety Specialist
Phone: 404-413-3535

Jamar Simmons is Georgia State University’s Chemical Safety Specialist. Jamar is the main contact for hazardous waste pick-ups. Jamar also assists in chemical spills and chemical emergencies on campus. Jamar is a graduate of Northeastern Illinois University.


Paul Hysell
Chemical Safety Specialist
Hazardous Materials Specialist
Phone: 404-413-3515

Paul Hysell graduated with a B.A. in biology from Hendrix College in Conway, Ark. Paul entered Research and Environmental Safety in 2005 as a Graduate Research Assistant, working with Biosafety, Radiation, and Environmental Compliance Programs. He became a full-time staff member in 2007, and has worked as a Chemical Safety Specialist and Hazardous Materials Specialist while completing his M.S. in Applied and Environmental Microbiology.

Stephen Johnson
Senior Chemical Safety Specialist
Phone: 404-413-3535

Stephen Johnson is Georgia State University’s Chemical Safety Specialist. Stephen is the main contact for hazardous waste pick-ups. Stephen also assists in chemical spills and chemical emergencies on campus.

Biological Safety Specialist
Phone: 404-413-3562

Quintena Tinson
Radiation Safety Specialist
Phone: 404-413-3568

Quintena Tinson is the Radiation Safety Specialist here at Georgia State University and joined the Research and Environmental Safety team in April of 2014. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science from Savannah State University. Prior to joining the Research and Environmental Safety team she worked at the Georgia Department of Natural Resources serving as a compliance inspector in the Radioactive Materials Program for 6 years. During that time she gained a vast amount of knowledge in radiation safety and compliance, health physics, nuclear medicine, and industrial use of radioactive materials. Quintena is HAZWOPER certified and is a certified Radiation Safety Officer. She has interests in certification as a Health Physicist, and pursuing a Master’s of Public Health. Her responsibilities include but are not limited to surveying incoming radiological shipments, issuing and maintaining personnel dosimetry, conducting lab contamination surveys, and arranging radiation waste removal and pickup.