Radiation Safety


Radiation Safety Hotline (404) 413-3540
If someone cannot be reached at this number, please review our Emergency Phone Numbers.


Georgia State University is licensed to possess certain radioactive materials by the state of Georgia . The laws require that certain “Standards for Protection Against Radiation” as set forth in Georgia Department of Natural Resources “Rules and Regulations for Radioactive Materials,” Chapter 391-3-17, must be enforced by persons holding such licenses. It is also required that all individuals working or frequenting areas where radioactive materials are stored or used shall be informed of the Basic Right-To-Know information that is stated “The State Notice To Employees Sign”. Further, users of X-ray and radiation producing machines are required by state law to comply with the “Rules and Regulations for X-ray,” Chapter 290-5-22.

The success of the Radiation Safety Program results from the cooperative efforts between the Radiation Protection Committee (RPC), the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO), Principal Investigators (PI), and laboratory staff. PIs must submit a Radioisotope Research Protocol Form to the RPC for review and approval prior to conducting research involving radioisotopes. This form can be found on the Radiation Safety Procedures page.

IF YOU ARE PREGNANT, you have the option to declare your pregnancy as defined by Chapter 391-3-17 “Rules and Regulations for Radioactive Materials”.  The Declaration of Pregnancy form can be found on the Radiation Safety Procedures page.

The Radiation Safety & Regulatory Compliance Manual is written for the purpose of administering these standards at Georgia State University provides more detailed information on the Radiation Safety Program.

For questions about the radiation safety program and requirements, contact:

Quintena Tinson
Radiation Safety Officer
Office of Research & Environmental Safety
Phone: (404)413-3568
Email: qtinson@gsu.edu


Additional Resources

If you are conducting research with radiation or will be entering laboratories that store and/or conduct research with radiation-producing material (radioisotope or radiation-producing equipment), you are required to attend GSU's Initial Radiation Training course and renew your training annually with the Radiation Refresher Training course online. Visit the Training Schedule to view when and where the next training will be held and to submit the training request form.

Note: If this is your first time taking the Radiation Safety Training, you are required to attend the in-class version of the Initial Radiation Safety Training. Initial Radiation Safety Training is given every first Wednesday of the month from 10:00am to 12:00pm. Registration is required. Register here

Research and Environmental Safety offers services and equipment rental for laboratory use.  If your lab works with radioisotopes, you are eligible to use laboratory equipment that was previously used in radioisotope-containing laboratories. Visit the Radiation Equipment Catalogue for a list of available equipment. If you would like to use any of the equipment available or if you require equipment service, such as Geiger counter battery replacement or equipment calibration, please fill out the Radiation Equipment Loan and Service Request Form. Radiation Equipment Loan and Service Request Form 

Frequently Asked Questions

Complete and submit this form to the Radiation Protection office via email at RadiationProtection@gsu.edu

Yes it is, as long as the laboratories that are approved to work with radiation on campus are in compliance with all federal, state, and local regulations and follow safe practice procedures as outlined in GSU's Radiation Safety Training courses.

A designated laboratory staff member is responsible for daily contamination swipes as long as the approved radioisotope is in use in that laboratory. Our office conducts monthly contamination swipes to ensure there is no widespread or gross contamination within the laboratory.

YES. If you are working in a laboratory that has been approved for radioisotope use, regardless of whether you will be using the radioisotope yourself, you must be trained in radiation safety. If this is your first time taking the Radiation Safety Training, you are required to attend the in-class training. The in-class training is held every first Wednesday of each month. To register for the in-class training, visit the GSU Training and Development Registration System page and login using your campus ID and password.

Refresher training is REQUIRED annually to maintain compliance with Radiation regulations. Radiation Safety refreshers are offered online via Desire2Learn. To request refresher training, please fill out and submit Training Request Form  to eprograms@gsu.edu.

It depends. If you are working with or in a laboratory that uses X-rays machines and some specific isotopes, you will need a dosimetry badge to measure your exposure to ionizing radiation. Contact the Radiation Safety office (radiationprotection@gsu.edu)  if you are unsure about using a dosimetry badge during your laboratory work.

Yes. Each GSU laboratory that has been approved by the Radiation Protection Committee to work with radioactive materials will be issued a Geiger counter before beginning protocol work and research. For more information about Geiger counters, visit the following link: http://emergency.cdc.gov/radiation/screeningvideos/videos/Everything_480x360_441kps.wmv