Hiring Staff on Sponsor-Funded Awards

There is a “sponsor-funded” Human Resource representative in charge of facilitating the hiring process for sponsor projects who should be contacted for guidance and consultation prior to initiating this process. This person currently is Tineke Battle: tbattle2@gsu.edu or 3-3306.

There are currently four main categories of staff that can be hired on sponsor-funded awards (listed below). Faculty positions and graduate students cannot be hired independently to a sponsored award, but must be hired through specific faculty and graduate student application and approval processes set by the university and departmental unit. Faculty and graduate students can, however, be paid from a sponsor-funded award.

Step-by-step procedures are provided here for each type of sponsor-funded hire to help walk you through the process. All questions should be directed to your departmental hiring personnel, or to the “sponsor-funded” Human Resources representative (listed at top of page).

NOTE about personnel transferring with a sponsor-funded award to Georgia State: When transferring sponsor-funded personnel to Georgia State from another institution along with the grant from which they are paid, the transferring employee must complete and mail in all paperwork in their new employee hiring package prior to their start date at Georgia State in order to get benefits instituted by their start date at GSU. This is particularly important to prevent gaps in healthcare coverage, for example.

Position approval process
Pre-approved job titles

  • There is a “pre-approved” list of sponsor-funded titles with job specs (see HR site for list of titles). Positions (new or existing) that use pre-approved job titles will not be required to be reviewed by class and comp prior to posting.
  • PIs (or their representative) complete a Position Review Form (short form) and submit it to the sponsor-funded HR representative. This can be done prior to grant award (recommended).
  • The sponsor-funded HR representative will review and approve the position and issue a position number which is needed for job posting.

Non pre-approved job titles

  • PIs can use other Georgia State job titles, or even create a new job title. These positions must be reviewed and approved by class and comp prior to posting. The regular Position Review Form is used. This can be done prior to the award (recommended).
  • New job titles that are used regularly by PIs can be added to the pre-approved list by making a request to the sponsor-funded HR representative.