Personnel Effort Reporting

Personnel effort reporting

Personnel Effort Reporting policies and procedures ensure that Georgia State University complies with all applicable federal laws and regulations. They ensure that the effort expended on sponsored projects is appropriately documented and justifies the salaries charged to those projects. They also ensure Georgia State University can track faculty effort expended on research activities. Financial penalties and expenditure disallowances can occur if employees do not comply with this policy. All individuals involved in the effort certification process are expected to abide by the provisions of the Personnel Effort Reporting Policy and Procedures. More guidance is also provided in the PERS Overview Presentation, a PowerPoint that may answer more of your questions. All individuals, including faculty, are expected to understand these policies and procedures and be able to converse effectively to co-workers, sponsoring agencies, and auditors if necessary. Workshops on effort reporting are also available through URSA’s Education and Training division.

Georgia State uses a web-based Effort Reporting System (ERS) that requires PIs and other key personnel to certify their effort on sponsored programs. Instructions on how to use this system are available here (requires Adobe Flash).