Limited Submissions

About limited submissions

Many funding agencies offer opportunities that restrict the number of applicants from an institution. If a PI submits an application to the program and Georgia State University’s limit has already been reached, the PI risks the immediate rejection of his/her submission, as well as other submissions from Georgia State University.

It is the PI’s responsibility to identify a limited submission competition from the program announcement so the limited submissions process can be initiated in a timely manner. URSA will post active limited submission competitions below as we become aware of them, but will not be able to provide a comprehensive list of all of these types of opportunities.

Applying for a limited submission grant competition at Georgia State

If you wish to apply to a Limited Submission grant competition not posted below, you should first submit a notification to, including the PI’s name, name of the grant competition, and a link to the program announcement. It is important for colleges not to assume a limited submission grant program is only relevant to their own faculty. You should receive an email confirmation within 2 business days that notification has been received. Failure to send this notification may result in disqualification of an applicant for that grant competition.

Pre-proposal submission process

Anyone considering applying to a limited submission program should email the completed Pre-proposal Application Form along with the following documents to Kelly Stout, Ph.D.:

  • Completed pre-proposal form
  • 1-3 page summary narrative about project
  • CV/biosketch for PI and co-PIs

Internal review process at Georgia State for limited submissions

The review process for limited submission pre-proposals will depend on the number of pre-proposals submitted and the type of grant mechanism. We aim to complete reviews and send out the final decision within 7 business days after the pre-proposal deadline.

Click here to read the Georgia State limited submission policy.