Proposal and Award Assistance

The Office of Sponsored Proposals and Awards has teams organized by sponsor type which provide proposal-to-closeout assistance for sponsored projects. For any questions about your project please contact the appropriate associate director listed below.  The teams are:


For projects sponsored by any state or local government, by industry, from an international source, or through federal contract:

Name Title Email Phone
Greg Howell Associate Director 404-413-3543
Joseph McLeod Managing Institutional Officer 404-413-3501
Keith Burrell  Senior Associate Financial Officer  404-413-3522
Jamie Turner  Senior Associate Financial Officer  404-413-3575
Izaura Kertesz  Interim Senior Associate Institutional Officer  404-413-3633


For projects sponsored by NSF, NIH, CDC, AHRQ and any other DHHS agency: 

Name Title Email Phone
Jill Borland Associate Director 404-413-3570
Curtis Bonner Managing Financial Officer 404-413-3534
LaToya Brown Senior Associate Institutional Officer 404-413-3527
John Teal Senior Institutional Officer 404-413-3531


For projects sponsored by all other federal agencies and through sub-award agreements:

Name Title Email Phone
Michael Mathisen Associate Director 404-413-3523
Teja Singh Managing Financial Officer 404-413-3520
Tulani Murphy Managing Institutional Officer 404-413-3571
Sarguetta Grayer Interim Associate Financial Officer 404-413-3519


For projects sponsored by not-for-profit institutions:

Name Title Email Phone
Margaret Matkins Associate Director 404-413-3604
Patricia O’Malley Senior Associate Financial Officer 404-413-3533
Lawrence Mkondya Senior Institutional Officer 404-413-3509
Rita Alexander Senior Associate Financial Officer 404-413-3521


For general questions, comments, or suggestions, please contact:

Ken Packman Director 404-413-3550
Tony Burnett Associate Financial Officer 404-413-3564
Benetta Behnzukeh Interim Associate Institutional Officer 404-413-3526
Eloise Aka Interim Administrative Assistant 404-413-3502

Our offices are located in Suites G41 and G76 Dahlberg Hall.