Cayuse424 Video Tutorials



This tutorial gives an overview of Cayuse424 including an introduction to the major functionalities used in proposal submission.

Professional Profiles

This tutorial covers the ‘People’ tab in Cayuse. This is where users will create and update their profile information. Information from the profile will auto-fill fields in the proposal application.


This tutorial covers the Opportunities module where users can download and find funding opportunities. Users may also begin creating proposals in this section.


This tutorial covers how to create and complete the various sections of a federal proposal package in Cayuse424. Users are also shown how to grant proposal access permissions to others for editing and review. Finally, after data entry into Cayuse424 is complete, instructions are provided about preparing the proposal package for initial review by the Office of Sponsored Proposals and Awards.

Managing Budgets

This tutorial covers the budget sections in Cayuse424. An overview is provided for completing the various forms in a standard SF424 application and for modular budgets.

Managing Attachments

This tutorial explains how to upload and attach files (pdf and Word (source) documents) in Cayuse424.

Proposals List

This tutorial covers the Proposals tab where users can manage their proposals in Cayuse424. This includes functions such as copying, transforming, tracking and deleting proposals.