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This listserv is used to disseminate information that is directly relevant to research investigators at Georgia State who are or plan to be PIs or co-PIs on external grant proposals and awards.  This information includes things such as policies and procedures for the conduct of research at Georgia State.

Attention Staff: Staff personnel who support research and require access to this information may request to be added to the listserv for research administrative staff by contacting Ken Packman (, Tony Burnett (, or Izaura Kertesz (

You may subscribe or unsubscribe to the PI Listerv in either of two ways: Email Kelly Stout, Ph.D. ( your request to be added to the list, or follow the subscription instructions below:

  1. Sign in at If this is your first time accessing Listserv, click Get Password. Enter your email address, or other email account and the desired passcode, then click Register Password.
  2. Click Email Lists in menu at the top.
  3. Scroll down until you find the list named “PIs.”
  4. Click on this list name.
  5. Click on “Join or Leave PIS”
  6. Enter your first and last name and Georgia State email address where indicated. You are not authorized to send emails to the listserv so you do not need to change any of the settings below this.
  7. Click either “Join” to subscribe or or “Leave” to unsubscribe yourself from the list.

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Our announcements are also released via an RSS feed.  The RSS feed lists all past announcements and will automatically update itself with new announcements.  Most modern browsers will allow you to subscribe to the feed by simply clicking the link.  If this doesn’t work, use Mozilla Firefox or download a free RSS reader.