NSF Proposals and Policies

Recent NSF policy additions and revisions

These and other NSF policies may be found on the NSF Policy Office webpage.

  • NSF project reporting moving from FASTLane to Research.gov (effective 1/1/2013). Beginning in January 2013, all NSF reports must be prepared, submitted and reviewed on Research.gov.
  • Revisions to NSF grant proposal guide (effective 1/14/2013). Significant revisions have been made to this document that impact proposal submission to NSF. These changes are summarized in the first few pages of this document and should be reviewed by all potential applicants.
  • NSF awardees must stop submitting project reports in FastLane starting on February 1, 2013. On March 18, 2013, NSF will transfer its current project reporting service from FastLane to Research.gov. Principal Investigators should pay particular attention to reports previously submitted and returned by their NSF Program Officer. Returned reports should be revised and resubmitted prior to February 1. To assist the research community with this transition, the overdue date will be extended for all project reports that are currently scheduled to become overdue between January 31 and April 30, 2013.
  • NSF now requires all investigators to use Award Cash Management System (ACMS) to submit their final Federal Financial Reports (FFRs) within 90 days after the project end date. After 90 days following the project end date, investigators and their institutions will no longer be able to access funds from their closed NSF projects. For example, for a project with an end date of July 31, 2013 the FFR should be submitted no later than October 31, 2013 and funds from this project will no longer be available to pay anything related to the project after the October date. 

NSF proposal preparation

All NSF proposals should be completed and routed for approval through Cayuse 424. For more information about how to use Cayuse424 see http://ursa.research.gsu.edu/ursa/funding/proposal-development/cayuse-424-information/
These resources will assist you to prepare and submit an NSF grant application. Always notify OSPA when you plan to submit a grant.

FASTLane – All PIs submitting NSF grant applications must be registered with FASTLane. To register, complete the FASTLane registration form and email to your OSPA representative at least four weeks before grant deadline.

FASTLane proposals, awards, and status
Provides help for proposal preparation and access to proposals and awards.
NSF grant proposal guide
The guide provides detailed information about preparing NSF grant applications.
NSF homepage
Access to other NSF resources.
NSF freedom of information act requests
Access to all NSF publications and publically available grant proposals and reports from NSF supported grants
NSF proposal preparation
NSF provides additional instructions for preparing and submitting a proposal through FASTLane.  See the Quick Link entitled “Help for proposal preparation” on the proposals, awards, and status page on the NSF website.