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NIH Public Access Policy

External link to NIH's policy on accessing NIH-sponsored publications and data.   Policy/Procedure
Subawards Powerpoint

A powerpoint about Subawards. Awards Management Presentation
Biohazardous Waste Disposal Guide

This guide explains how to properly dispose of biohazardous waste. Research Safety Policy/Procedure,Guidelines
Radiation Worker Declaration of Pregnancy

This form is for radiation workers who wish to officially declare their pregnancy. Research Safety Form
F&A Split Agreement Form

This form should be used when submitting a proposal or activating an award where indirect costs that will be split between two or more units within Georgia State. Proposal Development Form
F&A and Fringe Rate Agreement

Georgia State's current F&A cost rate agreement and fringe rate agreement with DHHS. Proposal Development Reference
Shipment of Biological Materials Manual

This document includes information about how to properly classify, package, mark and label your shipment of biological materials and dry ice, as well as the training requirements necessary to do so.   Manual
Hazardous Chemical Waste Pickup Procedures

This guide outlines the requirements for proper submission of a chemical waste pickup request and regulatory compliance procedures. Research Safety Policy/Procedure,Guidelines
IACUC Policies and Procedures Manual

This manual reviews the IACUC mandate of ensuring that all animals in experimental research are used appropriately and treated with the highest standards of humane care. IACUC Manual
Mouse Workshop Handout

This document outlines the methods of handling mice in most laboratory situations. Department of Animal Resources Reference
Polyclonal Antibody Production Service Request Form

This form is the application and justification for the request for the production of polyclonal antibodies. IACUC Form
Radiation Safety & Regulatory Compliance Manual

Prescribes the standards and procedures to be followed in establishing and administering the radiological safety program at Georgia State University. Research Safety Manual
Radioactive Waste Pickup Request

This form is for radiation workers who would like radioactive waste to be picked up from their laboratory and disposed of. Research Safety Form
Rat Workshop Handout

This document outlines the methods of handling rats in most laboratory situations. Department of Animal Resources Reference
Rodent Surgery Training Handout

This is the handout that accompanies a hands-on rodent surgery workshop in the Dept. of Animal Resources. Department of Animal Resources Reference
Subcontract GL Expense Code

GL expense codes for subcontract budget accounts. Awards Management Reference
Supplement to Outside Activity Disclosure Form

Employees being paid from any sponsored award should use this form to report new outside activities or changes to previously disclosed activities related conflict of interest compliance. Conflict of Interest Form
Technology Assessment Form

The second step in the disclosure process, the Technology Screening Form provides GSU with information about your invention. Intellectual Property Form
GSURF Fact Sheet

This reference sheet provides information about Georgia State that is required on most federal and some non-federal grant forms. Proposal Development  
HAZCOM GHS Powerpoint

Hazard Communication (HAZCOM) and the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) is a system adopted by OSHA, to classify and communicate hazards of chemicals. It provides a basis for the harmonization of regulations related to the handling of chemical materials. Research Safety Guidelines,Reference,Presentation
Human Subjects Policy

This webpage details GSU's policy on human subjects research. Human Subjects Policy/Procedure
Payments to subcontractors on sponsored awards_SEPT2013

This procedure facilitates the proper processing of subaward invoices and ensures funds associated with subawards’ budgets are appropriately obligated against the project award budget. Awards Management Policy/Procedure
Controlled Substance Inspection Checklist

This checklist may be used to assess the security and compliance of controlled substances. Research Safety Form,Guidelines,Reference
IRB Manual

The procedures set forth in this manual must be followed by all faculty, staff and students who propose to conduct research involving human subjects. Human Subjects Manual
Safety Training Completion Form

The purpose of this form is to help personnel in research and conservation laboratories determine general health and safety training requirements. Depending upon the specific activities performed additional site specific training may be required. Training,Research Safety Form,Reference
Subrecipient Monitoring Policy

Official policy of Georgia State regarding any subrecipient institutions with whom Georgia State executes a subaward agreement. Awards Management Policy/Procedure
Biosafety Manual

This is Georgia State University's Biosafety and Compliance Manual. Research Safety Manual
Laboratory Safety Manual, Art Department

This is an Art Department-specific manual that outlines safety responsibilities and training requirements to ensure individual and institutional compliance with relevant environmental health and safety laws, regulations, policies, and guidelines. Research Safety Manual,Policy/Procedure,Guidelines
Atlanta Census Research Center (ACRDC) Grant

Call for Proposals for the Atlanta Census Research Center internal grant program at Georgia State. Funding Opportunities  
Anesthesia Record

This is a form to record the use of anesthesia used on animals in the laboratory. Department of Animal Resources Form
Animal Enrichment Plan

DAR guidelines for providing enrichment programs to maintain physiological and psychological well being for laboratory animals. IACUC Guidelines
Animal Transportation Policy

Policy explains how IACUC allows animals to be transported between facilities and the handling of cages. IACUC Policy/Procedure
Annual TB Screening Questionnaire for Employees

Annual tuberculosis screening questionnaire for employees enrolled in the GSU Employee Occupational Health program with positive PPDs. Research Occupational Health and Safety Form
Appendix B-Vaccine Administration Record for Adults

Form for vaccine administrations for adults. Research Occupational Health and Safety Form
Application for Designation of Not Human Subjects Research

This form helps investigators determine whether or not a project should be classified as human research as defined by OHRP. Human Subjects Form
Archival and Secondary Data Request

This form should be used to submit data sets for review by the IRB according to the Policy for Publicly Available Archival, and Secondary Data. Human Subjects Form
The Art of Writing Proposals

Tips on proposal writing from the Social Science Research Council. Proposal Development Reference
Aseptic Technique for Animal Surgery

This documents explains the expected aseptic techniques for animal surgeries. IACUC Reference
The Back Door to Grant Funding

Helpful insight into the nuances of putting together successful a grant proposal. Proposal Development  
Budget Spreadsheet

Excel spreadsheet that can be used to build your proposal budget for most any proposal. Equipped with formulas to correctly compute F&A, fringe, etc. Proposal Development Reference
Campus Computing Resources and Services

Overview of major campus computing equipment and services that are available to support research at Georgia State. Proposal Development Reference
Carbon Dioxide Euthanasia Policy

Policy explains the accepted use of carbon dioxide as a means of euthanasia. IACUC Policy/Procedure
Example Form for Recording Receipt of Cash or Gift Card(s)

Sample form to use when paying multiple human subjects cash or gift cards for participation in a research study. Awards Management Reference
Cell Line Use Request Form

Investigators must complete this form to request to inject cell lines into animals. Department of Animal Resources Form
Certification Regarding Lobbying

Official Georgia state statement about lobbying activities regarding contracts, grants, loans and cooperative agreements. Proposal Development Reference

Call for Proposals for the CITIES internal grant program at Georgia State. Funding Opportunities  
Cluster of Position Numbers for Hiring

Guidelines that can be used when any unit within Georgia State expects to hire several people into the same position title over a short period of time to obtain several position numbers for posting the open positions. Awards Management Policy/Procedure
Individual Conflict of Commitment and Conflict of Interest Policy

GSU policy on individual conflict of commitment and conflict of interest as it pertains to conducting research at the university. Conflict of Interest Policy/Procedure
COI Disclosure Time Extension Request

This form is for investigators who need additional time to submit the SFI disclosure at the time of submitting the proposal. Conflict of Interest Form
Conflict of Interest Procedures

URSA's procedures for compliance with the GSU policy on financial disclosures in sponsored projects. Conflict of Interest Policy/Procedure
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