Lab Assessments Go Online

The Office of Research and Environmental Safety (RES) is moving from a paper system to an all-electronic method of performing laboratory assessments. Beginning this summer (2017) the assessments will be integrated into the GSU Research Portal system for ease of tracking and assessment completion. From the Research Portal, PIs will receive notices of scheduled walkthroughs and a link to complete pre-assessment checklists, which will require submission of the following:

• List of all personnel working in the laboratory space(s);
• List of all laboratory locations;
• List of all identified hazards.


In addition, PIs will have access to real-time information about their laboratories. The new online system is designed to:

• Improve efficiency in managing the assessment program;
• Provide helpful feedback to researchers;
• Maintain a positive safety culture in laboratories at GSU.

Be on the lookout for additional information around campus or contact Quintena Tinsen or Casey Brinsfield in RES.