NIH Loan Repayment Programs for Health-related Researchers

If you conduct health-related research and have outstanding student loans, the NIH Loan Repayment Programs (LRPs) may be an option for you!

The LRPs repay up to $35,000 annually of a researcher’s qualified educational debt, based on your debt level, in return for a commitment to engage in NIH mission-relevant research. Extramural LRPs at NIH are organized around broad areas:
· Clinical Research
· Pediatric Research
· Health Disparities Research
· Contraception and Infertility Research
· Clinical Research for Individuals from Disadvantaged Backgrounds

The LRPs do not fund research projects, but rather are based on an applicant’s potential to build and sustain a research career. To learn more about the LRPs, eligibility requirements, and the application process, visit the NIH LRP website or contact Dr. Kristie Seelman, Assistant Professor in the GSU School of Social Work, current LRP recipient & an LRP ambassador for GSU. Dr. Seelman is happy to share her experiences and offer advice for applying!