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Acceptable biosafety practices require a cooperative effort between the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC), the Biosafety Officer (BSO), Principal Investigators (PI), and laboratory staff.  GSU’s Biosafety Officers have responsibility for the daily administration of standards set by the IBC and acts as the agent of the committee in their implementation. These officers oversee all Biosafety Protocol requests, conduct preliminary screening of these requests, and manage assignment to the IBC for review.  Biosafety officers conduct biohazardous risk assessments, assist PIs in developing research safety protocols and obtaining regulatory approvals, provide training on the principles and practices of biosafety, and arrange services for the appropriate medical surveillance of personnel working with biohazardous material. All of this is conducted in order to facilitate the PI’s work in a manner that is both safe and in compliance with relevant regulations.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Betsy Butler
Senior Biosafety Officer
Phone: (404) 413-3510
Email: [email protected]
Casey Brinsfield
Biosafety Compliance Officer
Phone: (404) 413-3649
Email: [email protected]