We Help: Close Out an Award


At 90 days—-and again at 30 days—-prior to the end date for an award, OSPA sends
to the PI Pre-Termination messages notifying of the need to do the following:

  • Clear encumbrances
  • Finalize all relevant charges
  • Prepare final reports for which the P.I. is responsible
  • Final financial reports will be submitted by OSPA, who will communicate with the P.I. if:
    • Accounts are in deficit, or
    • Unexpended funds remain
  • The P.I. will be responsible for preparing and submitting, as needed, the:
    • Technical report
    • Invention report
    • Property report
  • Funds remaining on fixed price awards may, if permissible, be transferred to residual accounts
  • All files and records must be retained for seven years (Georgia law)
  • All records and files must be maintained in auditable condition.