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The cloud can mean different things for different people and can often be a bit overwhelming.  Research Solutions is now removing the unknown factor by providing both self service solutions and consultations around the cloud.  We will work with you to help you decide the best solution that is both compliant and cost effective for your funded project.

We believe in a cloud first approach when possible and that is why we are running some of our core services in both Amazon and Microsoft Azure.  Let our experts help guide you as you design and implement your project so you can focus less on the technology itself and more on the research, getting results faster and helping you stay competitive in the research world.


  • Grant support and proposal development support. Talk to us about your ideas while you are writing the grant. We can help you incorporate the cost of appropriate computational support, including appropriate software licenses and personnel.
  • Consulting. Work closely with researchers to better understand your goals and practices to better evaluate and recommend appropriate cloud solutions that allow them to take full advantage of available vendors.


  • We can offer discounted cloud services with Microsoft Azure, Internet 2 connection with both Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, and free data transfer for both Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

Even if you are not funded yet and want to get started on building a proof of concept, our team offers several internal grant opportunities throughout the year for that very reason. Contact us at [email protected] or request a consultation to get started using the cloud.

Contact the GA State-dedicated AWS Account team if you need assistance (at no cost) with:

  • Demos, presentations, meetings, proofs of concepts to help explain AWS Services as it relates to the university project
  • Architectural Designs. AWS will architect for you or with you, and can review your architectural plans
  • Pricing AWS Services. GSU has already a signed agreement with Amazon that you will benefit from.
  • Researchers’ Cost Models. AWS will develop a cost model for inclusion in researchers’ grants prior to submission
  • Letters of Support. AWS will provide Letter of Support for inclusion in researchers’ grants prior to submission.
  • Research Grants from AWS
  • Training

Contact information:

Tracy Crews, AWS Account Manager, 904-576-0050, [email protected]

Complimentary services from Azure for GSU researchers:

  • Azure for Research Grants: Up to $20K for 12 months
  • An Cloud specialist team to help GSU – (1) Azure Solution Specialist (for Licensing, Pricing, Estimation) and (2) Cloud Solution Architect (for architecting solutions, demos, proof of concepts specific to the project)
  • An Education and State-dedicated account team – including Account Executive, Technology Strategist and Account manager (for support and critical incidents)
  • Architecture deep dives, white boarding, POCs sharing case studies from other research institutions
  • Trainings – Initial Azure on-boarding and Hands-on-Labs on specific areas of interest (led by partners or Cloud Architects) – Including a full day Azure for Research Training
  • Dedicated Websites that provide Publications, BLOGS, Video Lectures, Research Contacts, Events and download examples by Research Area.  (Ex.  Medical Research)
  • Products beyond Compute, Machine Learning and Analytics to augment research projects including open source assets.
  • Estimating solution costs (for grant submission and implementation), ways to track, help automate services up and down for cost management
  • Connecting/Recommending to a vast network of Microsoft partners for implementation and Azure trainings.
  • Support letter to the grant agency (when the researcher is applying for a grant/award), these are customized for the project
  • Azure notebooks ( - powered by the Jupyter Open Source project, using Python, R, markdown, math, graphics, all in your browser. Great canvas to do ad-hoc computations, prepare “Executable” papers etc.
  • Microsoft partner programs that we can apply to that are MSFT funded to help a researcher get started (Azure Everywhere).
  • Partner led white glove onboarding services to setup portal, admin roles, subscriptions, billing and enterprise admin support
  • Programs for Students and Faculty

More Information

For more information on AWS and Scientific Computing/HPC please review:
For more information on Azure and HPC, please review: