Research Solutons-computing iconThe University can provide access to a variety of computing resources allowing you to run an application from a virtual large Desktop to clusters.  Some of those options involve a cost, especially if dealing with sensitive data, large quantity of data, or large computing capacity with tight schedules.


  • Grant support and proposal development support. Talk to us about your ideas while you are writing the grant. We can help you incorporate the cost of appropriate computational support, including appropriate software licenses and personnel.
  • Facilitation to migrate to XSEDE, OSG, or the cloud to scale your research
  • Pipeline development support
  • Delivery and support of HPC resources


  • Through GSU’s condo service, users can invest in nodes or storage that is placed in GSU’s common HPC resource. The condo HPC model presents researchers with greater flexibility and power at a greatly reduced overhead and management requirements as compared to owning and operating individual, standalone clusters. Participants in the condo service have full priority on the invested resources, plus they gain access to additional cluster resources (including low-latency networking – Infiniband).  Participants in the condo service agree to share unused portions or elements of the resource with each other and non-invested users (such as students or occasional users) who may or may not pay a fee for access.
  • No cost for existing resources ($0/cpu/hr.) Existing resources are prioritized based on the amount of external research funding.