Secure Storage

DropBox Business

dropboxbusinessCompliant storage with as much space as needed and unlimited file recovery.

Powerful collaboration, advanced security and control, and all the space you need to work without limits.

Additional Services Provided

If you are buying through GSU’s Research department, here are additional services we provide:

  • Global administration.
  • Compliance: IRB, FERPA, HIPAA, etc.
  • Support during internal and external audits including research misconduct investigations, sponsor audits, etc.
  • CampusID login


$7.50 / user / month


DropBox Business started in Sep. 2016 and we are working to provide the services in the next few months. Stay tuned for more information to come.

Data Classification Guidelines

As a Tier 1 research institution, Georgia State University creates, collects, manages, uses and shares many types of data. As such, critical thinking and risk-based decisions must be made for the proper storage, access and security of data across the University.  The following information will serve as support for making these decisions.

Data Classification Description Recommended Technology
Public Information that can safely and appropriately be placed on external-facing websites and servers, with wide access with no risk to the University or individuals. All.

Daily functional data deemed not appropriate or necessary for public display.

Examples: administrative information, department information, etc.

Includes de-identified patient or subject information.

  • Department network drive
  • GSU OneDrive
  • GSU provided computers and resources.

Make sure your GSU computer, laptops, and USB keys are encrypted. If you do not know how, please contact your local IT support or [email protected].

Sensitive Sensitive data is information that, if made available to unauthorized parties, may adversely affect individuals or the business of the University.
Research Use/Disclosed medical information with individual authorization or self-disclosed.
High-risk research data.
  • GSU OneDrive
  • GSU DropBox Business
  • Encrypted GSU provided computers.

We do not recommend GSU Network Drives.
Make sure your GSU computer, laptops, and USB keys are encrypted. If you do not know how, please contact your local IT support or [email protected].

Restricted  Restricted Use data includes any information that GSU has a contractual, legal, or regulatory obligation to safeguard in the most stringent manner.
HIPAA (confirmed by the legal department)PCIePHI
  • DropBox Business.

Do not use the GSU’s datacenters to stay compliant.
Formal training is required for handling HIPAA data.
Contact [email protected] for a consultation, as the solutions are case specific.

Make sure your GSU computer, laptops, and USB keys are encrypted. If you do not know how, please contact your local IT support or [email protected].

xPlease avoid using personal services (including personal DropBox, computers, or personal e-mails), as your personal data can become public record if there is a work/research related investigation. During an investigation, your whole disks are copied, you do not get an opportunity to choose which folders are shared or not during an investigation.



Do encrypt your laptops, desktops, USB keys, and other devices. If you do not know how, please contact your local IT support or [email protected].


Transporting a computer that has encryption software installed is subject to a number of controls. The U.S. Department of Commerce and the Department of the Treasury both have rules designed to control the movement of encryption technology out of the United States. Encryption is controlled or restricted in many countries. Some countries ban, or severely regulate, the import, export or use of this technology as it is treated the same as munitions or weapons. Inspectors in other countries may detain and copy your hard drive. Alternate safeguard methods include taking a blank laptop with only public domain files needed for the specific international trip or encrypting and then e-mailing to yourself any information you may need while overseas. Do not retrieve the e-mail until you have reached your destination, and remember you will need to remove it completely prior to returning to the U.S. or prior to crossing any international border. See ELECTRONIC CODE OF FEDERAL REGULATIONS for additional information; including country group D:1, a short list of countries that are subject to stricter export control. Notable countries on this list include China and Russia.