Where to Get Assistance with iRIS

All applications to IRB are made through the iRIS system. Information on how to use the iRIS system and on building an IRB application in iRIS can be found in the following places:

  • Step-by-Step guides are available under the HELP menu within iRIS.
  • See the iRIS Application Guide for targeted assistance on how each question on the application should be completed.
  • See Renewal and Status Check Assistance for general information about the Continuing Review and Status Check procedures.
  • For technical assistance with the iRIS system contact the Help Desk by email at [email protected] or by calling 404-413-4357.
  • For additional assistance or general inquiries about IRB or iRIS, email

    [email protected] 

Other Helpful Information

  • In order to have a person working on your IRB protocol they MUST have an iRIS account. If they are a student or employee at Georgia State University they just need to log into iRIS at least once. If they are external to GSU please fill out the Account Request Form and submit online. The person will be contacted if and when approved with instructions for accessing the system.
  • On the IRB application you will see several sections with the word “required”. These sections must be completed in order for the system to allow your application to be properly submitted. If a section is not applicable, answer it as N/A. Do not leave it unanswered.
  • Remember to upload all of your documents. These include consent form (s), dissertation, any recruitment material, all survey instruments, interview guides, etc., which you should create on your computer. If your research is funded, you will also need to upload your grant.
  • The protocol must be routed from the student/study personnel (if applicable) to the PI (principal investigator). The PI will then route the study to the department head or chair. Once the department head or chair has endorsed the protocol, the department chair or PI can submit it to the IRB.
  • You can always see the exact status of the application by opening the study and clicking on the ‘History’ tab.
  • The PI must be a current Georgia State faculty member. For thesis or dissertation work, the student is listed as the student PI.
  • Be sure the application and all documents are consistent.
  • The application and all documents should be free of typos and grammar mistakes.
  • If you are collaborating or working with individuals outside of GSU, please see the page Working with Individuals Outside of GSU for helpful information.