One’s Students in Research

If the research you are proposing involves using your own students or students which you have some responsibility over, then there is a conflict of interest. Special precautions need to be taken to ensure that this conflict is managed and there is no undue coercion. Students may feel that if they don’t participate they will be punished or receive a lower grade.

Some options to remedy the situation are offered below:

  1. The consent form or assent form needs to state that the students will not have any penalty if they do not participate, and they will not make the teacher upset. (This option alone does not satisfy this requirement.)
  2. The study can be presented by a colleague or somebody not involved with the students.
  3. The study can be completely anonymous.
  4. Students can complete the Student Research Evaluation Form once the research has been completed. These would need to be completed and brought to the Office of Research Integrity by a student.
  5. The teacher can collect the data and not use it for research until after the class has been completed and grading is complete.

If you have questions about how to make your research safer for all participants please contact the Compliance Specialist, Susan Vogtner, at 404-413-3513.