Studies Designated as Not Human Research

Only the IRB compliance staff may make the determination whether or not a project is human subjects research. The IRB Compliance Office has determined that research using specific publicly available data sets, class projects meeting specific criteria, some oral history projects, and some projects using readily available cell lines or cultures do not constitute human subjects research and do not require you to submit a request for a research determination. Requests to add a dataset to the preapproved list should also be sent to the IRB Compliance Office. The IRB compliance staff will review the submission and email you with a determination.

With some studies, it may not be clear if it is human subject research. Some sponsors or publications may require verification that a study does not constitute human subjects research from the IRB.

You can now use the iRIS system to submit your Application for Designation of Not Human Subject Research. To do this please log in to iRIS and submit the appropriate application. For step-by-step guides on how to access iRIS or how to submit the Application for Designation of Not Human Subject Research look in the HELP menu within iRIS.

The IRB has already designated some data sets as not human subjects research. To view the list or apply to have a study added to the designated list, please see the Policy for Publicly Available, Archival and Secondary Data.