Working with Individuals Outside of GSU

All members of the research team who interact with human subjects or have access to data must have human subjects training (see Required Education & Training under Human Subjects). If you are working with a researcher from another institution, we can accept the training that is required by their home institution. If you are working with a researcher who is not affiliated with institution or whose institution doesn’t require human subjects training, they can complete the National Institutes of Health IRB modules which can be found at For more information on the human subjects training requirement, please see section 5.3 of the IRB manual.

An individual investigator agreement is needed when researchers at Georgia State University work with an individual who is affiliated with another institution that does not have its own IRB or Ethics Committee to review a study, the IRB determined that their institution is not engaged, or an institution that does not have a Federal Wide Assurance and does not regularly conduct human subjects research. With the individual investigator agreement, the individual must comply with the human research subject protection policies and IRB oversight of Georgia State University. The agreement describes the expectations and responsibilities for the individual. For more information on these agreements, please see section 24.4 of the IRB manual. If you would like to initiate an individual agreement, please contact Deonne McNeill.

If you are working with an individual who is not associated with GSU or another institution, but would just like to work with you on the study, they must complete the volunteer form. If you would like to complete the volunteer form, please contact Deonne McNeill.

If you would like to add a person from outside of GSU to the iRIS system so you can add them to your study, please complete the form at the following link:

An authorization agreement is a formal agreement between two institutions when one institution is relying on the review from the other institution’s IRB. This way, when a study is being conducted at multiple institutions, the researcher may only need to go through one IRB. If the funding for the study goes through Georgia State University, our IRB must review it. We can generally only rely on the review from other AAHRPP accredited institutions.

If you would like to have an authorization agreement in place, please complete the form in iRIS. For more information on authorization agreements, please see section 24.2 of the IRB manual.

If you are collaborating with a researcher at another institution and all the research and data collection is taking place at that institution, you have no interaction with human subjects, and you are only receiving completely de-identified data, you may qualify for a status of GSU not being engaged in the research. Please email Shelia White with information about the study and GSU’s involvement. If a determination is made that GSU is not engaged in the research, you will not need to complete the full IRB application. For more information on engagement, please see section 7.2 of the IRB manual.