Laboratory & Environmental Safety

Georgia State University recognizes the importance of and encourages laboratory research and teaching activities conducted at the university. In our mission to become a leading public research institution, GSU is committed to keeping those who work in our facilities safe. Thus, the Office of Research and Environmental Safety (RES) and the Laboratory Safety Committee (LSC) have established safety measures to protect the welfare of all laboratory personnel.

Definition of a Laboratory

A laboratory is defined as an area where hazardous materials may be used as part of teaching or research including but not limited to: science laboratories, art studios for painting, sculpture, ceramics, wood/metal working, jewelry, textiles, etc., among other areas of operations at the university. Such laboratories are characterized by controlled uniformity of conditions (e.g. constant temperature, water or utility services, humidity, cleanliness, fume hoods and/or cabinets, proper waste disposal protocols, and fire safety measures) and are subject to federal, state, and university regulations.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Betsy Butler
Senior Biosafety Officer
Phone: (404) 413-3510
Email: [email protected]
Jamar Simmons
Chemical Safety Officer
Phone: (404) 413-3535
Email:[email protected]