Using Cayuse 24 to Prepare Proposals

What is Cayuse424?

Cayuse424 is a web application created specifically to simplify the creation, review, approval and electronic submission of grant proposals. The system exponentially increases the speed and ease of preparing grant submissions by auto-filling standard information, populating some application fields directly into Spectrum, and providing a running, live summary of potential errors and sponsor-system warnings.

Go to the Cayuse424 Website and login with your Campus ID and Campus ID password.
URSA offers a hands-on computer session on how to use Cayuse424. Register for the next workshop by finding the next scheduled workshop on the URSA calendar and registering from there. For more details on this training, contact [email protected].

Instructional Resources

10 Quick Steps to Get You Started With Cayuse424 – Powerpoint slides
10 Quick Steps to Get You Started With Cayuse424 - pdf document
Cayuse424 User Reference Manual

Video Tutorials

Below are step-by-step video simulations detailing common Cayuse424 tasks to walk you through the use of this system.
Overview of Cayuse424
User Profiles
Find Funding Opportunities
Create New Proposals
Develop Budgets
Manage Attachments4
Manage Proposals in Cayuse424

Frequently asked questions

If you are having issues with logging into Cayuse424, please contact the Help Desk at [email protected] or by calling 404-413-HELP (4357)
No. The program is for proposal routing only. It is not going to be used to track project status.
Yes. All proposals can be kept for historical purposes and data reuse. If a proposal is deleted it can be easily restored by a SysAdmin.
No. Reports are be created in PeopleSoft that Colleges have access to in order to obtain this information.
PeopleSoft remains the primary system of reference and therefore, those data will be in PeopleSoft. Reports are created in PeopleSoft that Colleges will have access to in order to obtain this information.
No. This program is not for awards, but for proposal routing.
PDFs of the entire proposal or specific forms can be generated with a push of a button. There are also several canned reports in Cayuse 424 as well as optional reporting tools such as our Secure Data Service which can be exported into Excel or CSV as well as PDF.
Cayuse424 allows you to develop your routing chain on a case-by-case basis or a create a default routing chain depending on PI, department, school or institutional business practices.
At this time there is only sequential routing in Cayuse424. The Research Portal allows parallel routing for approval of proposals that are in Cayuse424. Ask your department/college research administrator how these work together for proposal routing.
Funding Opportunity Specific titles: If you are applying to a specific funding agency the agency name, CFDA # and Opportunity title will auto-populate on the proposal at create time.

Proposal Title: Proposal titles will need to be manually added to the proposal as proposal development occurs. The proposal title is copied over when an original proposal is copied or transformed.

Yes. Additionally, SysAdmin or AOR users can review and approve the proposal for submission even if the proposal hasn’t been fully reviewed by all approvers. This feature is allowed in case of a near-term deadline or if someone on the chain is not available during the review cycle.
Proposal routing can be started at anytime. Once routing starts the proposal become “read only” to the proposal developer/PI. Based upon your business process you can still allow attachments (i.e. Research Plan) to be added after routing has started. We consider this an “Institutional Preference” which will be set at time of deployment.
You can keep proposals in an “active” state for as long as you want.
Yes. You can determine when and if proposals can be purged by setting the “Permanently Remove Proposals” filter.
Yes. See above answer. This is set as an “Institutional Setting”.

F&A rates can be auto-populated, however, Cayuse424 does not require that you have them (i,e. you may not collect F&A on equipment grants).

Does Cayuse424 allow the PI to keep track of his/her award budget?"]The program is for proposal routing only and therefore, does not cover award budget tracking. Reports can be created in PeopleSoft that Colleges have access to in order to obtain this information.

No. Reports are be created in PeopleSoft that Colleges have access to in order to obtain this information.
Yes. All your indirect cost rates can be stored in your Institutional Profile. These rates can then appropriately selected depending on the type of proposal you are developing.
Yes, you can have as many ICR rates as needed for your institution.
These fields are optional fields in the Proposal Summary. Most of the fields in the Proposal Summary section are optional and are rarely used.
This feature is primarily used when a certain line item needs to be excluded from indirect costs (funding opportunity specific). It is also used if a split rate needs to be applied to certain line item categories.